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Makeup Artist in Dubai: Career Path & Opportunity

A Look at Makeup Artist Career
A place like Dubai is full of events & meetups. Looking good is on everyone's list

A Look at Makeup Artist Career

Makeup artists in Beauty Business are one of the rare gems that bring creativity to the surface. You as an artist can experiment with your craft to make the best of your ideas into reality.

UAE is a large market for makeup services. It is one of the top services consumed by people of all classes. And That's what makes it crucial. A place like Dubai is full of events & meetups. Looking good is on everyone's list. Considering Dubai is cosmopolitan, it hosts people of all types & thus demands. Variety is not a choice here but a necessity.

In this issue, we are looking at what, how & why to become a makeup artist in Dubai. Let's start with the role of this profession.

Role of a Makeup Artist

The role of a makeup artist is specialized and requires skills and art simultaneously. They can provide a variety of art in their work.

Eyes: Eyes are the center of the makeup. As a makeup artist, you are required to perform varieties of eye makeup

Lips: Another valued skill of this role. Lips are essential & require knowledge of skin tone & color pallets

Cheeks: Covering a large proportion of our face, cheeks are the highlight of makeup work.

Nose: More often overlooked, this area calls for an artist.

A Standard Makeup salon or center seeks professionals who are equally capable of delivering all the above.

The demand of the Professionals

Professionals with good training and having multiple skills are always in good demand in the industry. The requirement for beauty professionals is abundant in Dubai.

Beauty Parlors, Salons & Beauty Centers all need multiple makeup artists at one time. One can say that the demand is ample for makeup professionals.

Job Expectations & Earnings

Expectations from the Job

The makeup artist's job requires attention to detail. With 7-9 working hours, one may only be able to serve 2-4 clients. But it certainly isn't monotonous. Every client is different and wants makeup that suits them. Creating a personal & comfortable experience can be fun to do.

Artistic skills are important in the business and valued well in the industry. If you know what you are doing, you are your boss with your art. Art can give your work a personal touch that clients like and also make you stand out from the crowd.

So, what is all of this worth?

According to the job listing site, the Makeup artist's average salary in Dubai is AED4100 per month. Like many other professions, your skill pays you. It is certain that the better skills & focus on the detail you have, the more numbers are in your salary. Makeup artists with 5+ Years of experience can earn up to AED 12-15K a month.

What makes a Makeup Artist Profession completely different from any beauty profession is that there is no limit on your growth. Like any other artist, you can bring your art to the world and can position yourself as a celebrity artist who is a master of their craft.

Makeup Training

Makeup Training is considered moderate and requires a high amount of practice for perfection. Our professional-grade training involves 3 step process for complete training.

1. Basic Science: If you want to be a makeup artist, you work with skin, lips & eyes. Your training will start with the fundamental anatomy of these body parts.

2. Product & Setup: Artists Knowledge of Products & Tools is crucial. Your training includes products you use, Different Brushes & Liners

3. Skill Training: Procedural training of eyes, lips, cheeks, neck, nose, tools, and safety is what makes you a pro.

Makeup Training can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Where you are getting your training, the course curriculum is branched accordingly. A good institute focus on both practical & theoretical aspect. You will practice on live models at the intermediate stage of your training.

It is crucial to choose a good institute for your training which provides skilled professionals as trainers. They are the ones whom you will be learning. It's best to train with experienced professionals.

Where to work

You can start working soon after training. You can choose to be at a Specialty Makeup center, beauty salons, beauty parlors, or beauty centers. Experts at Riva Institute of aesthetics may advise you to start with a business with a smaller setup. It allows you to gain confidence & bring out the artist inside you.


If you have heard of Names like Bobby Brown, Jeffrey Star, or James Charles, you probably know that they built a fortune out of this profession. It is quick to get started. And, The demand for this profession is abundant. It will help you find stability in your career that can be a foundation to build skills upon it.

If you are looking for a Makeup Training institute that you can trust with your training and career, check out Riva Beauty Institute. Home of the best beauty training institution, We are with you from start to end. At Riva, we offer you an associate & expert makeup course. With 10s of short courses to enhance your skill further.

If you wish to know more about us, let us know here.

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