Become a Skin Care Specialist! 

Become a KHDA certified facial therapist in Dubai

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A certification program for facial training courses Dubai

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15 Hours (3 Days)

AED 8,500

Facials are the cornerstone of skincare and salon services-and are essential far beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike

Expert Facial Course


10 Hours (2 Days)

AED 2,500

Our Electrical Facial Course is designed to teach you the advanced skills to offer the electrical facial treatment competently to your clients.

Electro Facial Course


3 Hours (1 Day)

AED 1,800

This course will teach you the fundamental skills and safety precautions necessary to effectively use a surgical scalpel to perform exfoliating facials on your clients

Dermaplaning Course


6 Hours (2 Days)

AED 999

Join this 6-hour course to learn the preparation and procedures involved in Hydra facial

Hydra Facial Course