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Madero Face Massage Course

9 Hours (2 Days)
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About This Course

Madero Therapy is a massage technique, that applies wood in order to boost therapeutical and esthetic benefits for a person. The anatomic wooden elements are made solely for this purpose, which makes this therapy 100% natural, without any chances of getting an allergic reaction on the skin.
Antiage therapy without a scalpel. Achieve great results and visible change after only one treatment. With a professional set of seven Madero elements and their proper application, you will learn to create a Lift & Glow effect.

The training includes individual work with the model and learning the theory of the chosen field, where we will teach you everything – including the aging process, skin anatomy, proper hygiene and maintenance of the elements.

The training goes into detail with each Madero element, both through theory and practice. You will learn to apply it to the whole face, individually by regions.

Course Syllabus

• On Madero therapy (history, benefits and its application)

• Face Anatomy

• Indications and contraindications

• Client Consultation & Consent

• All about Madero elements (origin, application and their maintenance)

• Introduction on Madero therapy tools & its maintenance

• Health & Safety

• Room Preparation

• Proper execution of movements and use of elements

• Achieving the best results

• Clients Aftercare

Learning Highlights

  • Esteemed Certified Doctors, with over two decades of experience, serve as mentors for our students.

  • Our seasoned and Licensed Therapists and Nurses act as dedicated teaching assistants.

  • A strong focus on Clinic-level treatments takes precedence over Salon-level services.

  • Spacious and well-equipped practical areas and expansive classrooms.

  • Engaging group presentations on a diverse range of Aesthetic products.

  • Flexible learning options, both online and offline, to suit individual preferences.

  • A practical-oriented approach that prioritizes hands-on experience over theoretical classes.

  • Live practice with state-of-the-art machines and cutting-edge products.

  • Introduction to various pharmaceutical company products.

  • Real-time analysis of complications and challenges that may arise during treatments, providing insights beyond what traditional textbooks offer.


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