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20 Hours (5 Days)
Hair Style
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Professional Hairstyling Course


About This Course

This course is ideal for those aspiring hairstylists looking for an all-round view of the hair business. In this course, you'll cover all aspects of hairstyling that are essential and trending in the beauty world.

Course Syllabus

Basic   Hairstyling

•  Sectioning techniques

•  Product training

•  Super straight   and sleek blow dry

•  Curly blow dry (using brushes)

•  Styling with Irons, rollers, creating waves

Advance Hairstyling

•  Product Knowledge

•  Blow dry and smoothing hair

•  Curling /   waving techniques

•  Backcombing

•  Braiding

•  Attaching bridal head piece

•   Clip in extension (if the student has one)

Classic Hair Style - 5   Hours

Bridal   Hair Style - 5   Hours

Braiding - 5   Hours

Advance Hairstyling - 5   Hours

Learning Highlights

  • Qualified & Experienced Faculty

  • Positive Learning Environment

  • Products provided by Institute for Practice

  • Hands-On Training on Dummy & Live Models

  • Riva Certificate included in the Course Fee


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