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Laser Technician Course

15 Hours (5 Days)
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About This Course

It includes everything you need to learn for becoming a professional Qualified Laser hair reduction Technician.
Being a Laser technician is a rewarding career. You will help people, making a difference to their confidence as well as helping them to look good!
Laser Technician course will ensure the correct practice of hair reduction with laser devices demonstrating the highest levels of safety, knowledgeable care and training.

Course Syllabus

•Part 1: Anatomy and physiology of the hair

•Part 2: Anatomy and physiology of the skin

•Part 3: Skin and hair disorders

•Part 4: Basic laser sciences

•Part 5: IPL and laser history

•Part 6: Laser terminology

•Part 7: Fundamentals of laser biophysics

•Part 8: IPL vs laser

•Part 9: Laser tissue interactions

•Part 10: Laser safety in practice

•Part 11: Patient selection and orientation

•Part 12: Cosmeceutical’s information

•Part 13: Pre-treatment

•Part 14: Post-treatment

•Part 15: Documentation

•Part 16: Hands-on, work shop

Learning Highlights

  • Qualified & Experienced Faculty

  • Positive Learning Environment

  • Products provided by Institute for Practice

  • Hands-On Training on Dummy & Live Models

  • Riva Certificate included in the Course Fee


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