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Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Course

9 Hours (2 Days)
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About This Course

The styling of eyebrows and eyelashes is capable of transforming the face and has become a cornerstone of the beauty industry. With the growing demand, eyebrow and eyelash tinting is a required skill for beauty professionals and makeup enthusiasts alike. This is certainly a skill you want to have on your portfolio.
This 9-hour course takes a detailed look at the topic, covering all the
essentials of semi-permanent makeup, including safety, sensitivity, and techniques.
On completion of this tinting course, you will be able to offer this extremely popular beauty treatment to complement the eyebrows and eyelashes for your clients with any hair color, define their eyebrow shape and even enhance their eyelashes

Course Syllabus

•Master the Technique 

•Enhance the Appearance of Eyebrows & Lashes

•Skin, Hair Structure & Function 

•Consultation, Indication & Contraindication

•Preparing for the Treatment, Equipment & Materials Required

•Planning the Treatment

•Skin Sensitivity Test

•Applying, Processing & Removing the Tint

•Treatment Steps on Mannequin & Live Models

•Sterilization & Disinfection 

•After Care Suggestions

Learning Highlights

  • Qualified & Experienced Faculty

  • Positive Learning Environment

  • Products provided by Institute for Practice

  • Hands-On Training on Dummy & Live Models

  • Riva Certificate included in the Course Fee


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