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Nail Art Course

9 Hours (2 Day)
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About This Course

Nail arts are some of the most important services in the salon business and essential for anyone looking to work in the beauty industry.
Whether you are a professional or just passionate about beauty, this course teaches you all the essentials of nail handling, materials, and aftercare. In the 5-hour course you will learn how to work on nails to produce high-quality finishes

Course Syllabus

•   Nail   Art with Gel Polish and Colours

•  Ombre Baby Boomer

•  Pigments, Chrome, Rose Liquid

•  Wedding   Styles Nails

•  Broken Glasses Design

•  Sugar Nails

•   Queen   of Nail

•  Henna Nail Art

•  ‘Cat’s Eyes’ Magnetic

Learning Highlights

  • Qualified & Experienced Faculty

  • Positive Learning Environment

  • Products provided by Institute for Practice

  • Hands-On Training on Dummy & Live Models

  • Riva Certificate included in the Course Fee


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